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How To Find Your Metamask Wallet Address Easily

Your wallet address (also known as the public key of your wallet) is very essential for receiving funds when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Just like you would need your bank account details including the account number and account name to receive fiat currencies to your bank account, you need your wallet address to receive various cryptocurrencies on your crypto wallet.

If you currently use (or plan to use) Metamask – via the browser extension or mobile app – to send, receive, store, and trade crypto assets including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, knowing your wallet address is very important if you need to receive crypto in the future.

Most people new to crypto, especially the DeFi space, tend to find doing basic things on their wallet like importing an existing wallet or getting their wallet address quite challenging.

In this article, you will learn how to find your Metamask wallet easily both on the Metamask browser extension and the Metamask mobile app for Android and iOS.

How To Find Metamask Wallet Address (Quick Guide)

  1. Launch Metamask by clicking on the Metamask icon/logo.
  2. Input your password to unlock the wallet.
  3. Make sure the correct network is selected and configured properly.
  4. Click on the 3 vertical dots icon.
  5. Select [Account Details] in the pop-up menu.
  6. Finally, click on the Copy icon to copy your Metamask wallet address or scan the QR code.

How To Find Your Wallet Address On Metamask (Step-By-Step Guide)

To find your wallet address on Metamask, you (obviously) need to have the Metamask extension or mobile app downloaded, installed, set up, and ready to go. If you haven’t set up your wallet, make sure to do that before jumping into this guide.

Also, you need to add the correct network for any crypto you want to store/receive on Metamask. Metamask is only integrated with the Ethereum blockchain (Ethereum Mainnet) and some other test networks by default so if you want to receive other coins on your wallets like BNB or MATIC, you need to add the network for that coin to your Metamask wallet – BNB Smart Chain for BNB nd the Polygon Mainnet for MATIC .

For this guide, we will be showing you how to find your Ethereum (ERC-20) wallet address on Metamask. Since the Ethereum Main Network (ETH mainnet) is already added by default to Metamask, we wouldn’t be adding it.

If you want to get your BNB wallet address on Metamask, you need to add the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask before following along with this guide.

Here is how you can find your Metamask wallet address easily.

How To Get Your Wallet Address On The Metamask Browser Extension

Step 1: Launch the Metamask extension.

If you don’t have the Metamask extension launched already, click on the Metamask icon in the top right corner of your browser window to launch the extension.

Step 2: Input your password and click on [Unlock].

Next, input your account password and click on [Unlock] to access your wallet.

Step 3: Click on the 3 vertical dots icon.

On the Metamask extension, click on the 3 vertical dots icon which can be found at the top right corner of the page as seen in the screenshot below.

Step 4: Select [Account Details] from the menu.

On the pop-up menu, click on [Account Details] to load up information about your wallet.

Step 5: Click on the Copy icon to copy your wallet address to clipboard.

Click on the Copy icon to the right of the address to copy your Metamask wallet address.

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code using another wallet app or your phone’s camera app and then copy the wallet address.

With this, you have successfully found (and copied) your wallet address on Metamask. 

How To Get Your Wallet Address On The Metamask Mobile App

To get your Metamask wallet address on the Metamask mobile app for either Android or iOS, follow the guide below.

Step 1: Launch the Metamask app on your mobile device.

On your phone’s app center tap on the Metamask logo to open the Metamask mobile.

Step 2: Select the coin you want to receive.

Next, select the coin you want to receive from the list. Since we’re trying to find my Metamask ETH (ERC-20) wallet address, we will be selecting “ETH”.

If you want to receive BNB or any other BEP-20 token on your Metamask wallet, ensure that you have already added the Binance Smart Chain network to your wallet then switch networks from Ethereum mainnet to BSC.

Step 3: Tap on [Recieve] to display your wallet address.

On the page containing the details of the selected coin/token, tap on [Recieve] to load up your wallet address.

Step 4: Tap on [Copy] to copy the address.

Finally, tap on [Copy] to copy your Metamask wallet address to clipboard.

You can also scan the QR code on another device to get your wallet address since the image contains the wallet address.

Related Questions

How Can I Find My BSC Wallet Address On Metamask?

To find your BSC wallet address on Metamask, you need to add the BSC mainnet to your Metamask wallet

Once you have added the network using the guide in the link provided above, follow the guide below to get your BSC wallet address.

  1. Launch Metamask by clicking on the Metamask icon.
  2. Select “Binance Smart Chain” as your default network if it is not selected.
  3. Click on the 3 vertical dots icon.
  4. Select [Account Details] on the menu.
  5. Finally, click the Copy icon to copy your BSC wallet address or scan the QR code on another device to get the address.

With that, you have successfully located your Metamask BSC wallet address.

Can You Share Your Metamask Wallet Address Publicly?

Of course, you can share your Metamask wallet address publicly without any issues. Your wallet address is the public key and unlike your recovery phrase or private key which is meant to be kept private at all times, you can share your public key without any issues.

The only problem associated with sharing your wallet address publicly is that the address will be connected to your persona so your transactions are no longer “anonymous” since people know that you own that wallet.

All transactions on the blockchain are public so if someone has your wallet address, they can view all your transactions and even the amount of crypto stored in the wallet. If your wallet is loaded with crypto, you might become a target for hackers if you weren’t one before once your address is public.

We only advise that you share your wallet address only when you want to receive crypto from someone else. Don’t associate your persona with your wallet address by sharing it publicly on accounts associated with your name.

In terms of security, you can share your wallet address without any issues. No one can access your wallet with your public key (wallet address) alone if they don’t have your private key or Metamask secret recovery phrase.

Why Is My BNB Wallet Address & ETH Wallet Address The Same On Metamask?

Your BNB wallet address and ETH wallet address on Metamask are the same because the Binance Smart Chain is a hard fork of the Go Ethereum (Geth) protocol which is one of the three original implementations of the Ethereum protocol.

Since the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum work with similar protocols, they share similarities in many things including wallet addresses and that is why you might be having the same wallet address for both BNB and ETH on your Metamask wallet.

Once you have added the Binance Smart Chain mainnet to your Metamask wallet, you can send BNB (BEP-20) to the address and it will show up on your wallet without any issues.


Getting the wallet address on Metamask may be a breeze for older and more experienced Metamask users but for new users, it could be a very confusing process.

When sending BNB or ETH to your Metamask wallet address, make sure that you select the right network for the transaction – the “BEP-20” network for BNB and the “ERC-20” network for ETH. If you send any coin to Metamask using the wrong network, you will lose your funds and as you should know by now, crypto transactions are irreversible!

We hope you learnt something new today if you were originally confused about how to locate your wallet address on Metamask.

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