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How To Transfer Crypto From Coinbase To Metamask

Metamask is the most popular decentralized crypto wallet amongst many crypto enthusiasts, especially in the Defi and NFT spaces. It offers users complete control over their crypto assets and it is also a top-rated crypto wallet for accessing many decentralized apps and other web3 applications.

Coinbase on the other hand is one of the most popular and preferred crypto exchanges amongst new crypto investors because of how easy the platform is to use. You can create an account and start purchasing crypto with your credit/debit card on Coinbase in minutes as long as you’re located in a supported country.

Although Metamask allows you to purchase crypto directly on their platform via payment processors like Wyze and Transak, most crypto investors still prefer to purchase crypto on centralized exchanges like Coinbase before transferring to Metamask since these exchanges offer lower fees when compared to Metamask payment partners

If you have purchased some crypto on Coinbase and you want to start using Ethereum DApps, purchase NFTs on platforms like Opensea or simply move your crypto off the exchange, you need to transfer the crypto tokens/coins from Coinbase to Metamask.

In this guide, you will learn how to transfer crypto from Coinbase to Metamask easily. This will also include guides on how to receive crypto on both the Metamask browser extension and the mobile app from Coinbase.

How To Send Money From Coinbase To Metamask (Quick Guide)

  1. Launch the Metamask extensions and enter your password to unlock the wallet.
  2. On Metamask, click on the 3 vertical dots icon and select [Account Details].
  3. Click on the Copy icon to copy your wallet address.
  4. Open Coinbase on your browser
  5. On Coinbase, click on [Pay] on the left side of the page.
  6. Select ETH as the crypto to send in the “Pay With” section.
  7. Input the amount of ETH to send.
  8. Paste your Metamask wallet address.
  9. Click on [Continue].
  10. Finally, click on [Send Now] and complete the 2-step verification to authorize the transaction.

How To Transfer Crypto From Coinbase To Trust Wallet (Full Guide)

For this guide, we’ll be transferring Ethereum from Coinbase to Metamask. You can also transfer any token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 token) from Coinbase to your Metamask ETH address, it will work.

To transfer tokens deployed on Binance Smart Chain, you need to add the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask first before copying your BEP-20 wallet address. Once you have the wallet address, you can transfer the token(s) from Coinbase to your Metamask wallet using the address.

Below is how you can transfer ETH from Coinbase to Metamask.

Step 1: Copy your ERC-20 wallet address on Metamask.

The first step in transferring crypto from Coinbase to Metamask is to copy your Metamask wallet address. Since we are transferring ETH, we need the ERC-20 wallet address.

On the Metamask Extension:

Launch the Metamask extension by clicking on the Metamask icon. Input your account password then click on [Unlock] to access your wallet.

Click on the 3 vertical dots icon located on the top right of the Metamask screen.

Next, select [Account Details] in the pop-up menu to view your wallet address.

Finally, click on the Copy icon next to the address to copy your Metamask wallet address to clipboard. This will be used later.

On The Metamask App (Android & iOS):

Launch the Metamask app by tapping on the Metamask icon in your device app tray. 

On the Metamask home screen, tap on [Receive] to view the details of your wallet.

Finally, tap on the small [Copy] button to copy your Metamask wallet address.

Step 2: Open the Coinbase website on your browser.

Once you have your Metamask wallet address, open the Coinbase website on your browser. If you haven’t logged into your Coinbase account, enter your email and password then complete the 2-factor authentication to access your account.

Step 3: On the Coinbase dashboard, click on [Pay].

Once you’re on the Coinbase dashboard, click on [Pay] at the left side of the screen to load the Coinbase payment section on the dashboard.

Step 4: Select ETH in the “Pay With” section.

In the “Pay With” section, click on “Bitcoin” to change the crypto to send since we’re not sending Bitcoin which is the default option.

Next, search for Ethereum and select it from the search results. If you’re sending any other ERC-20 token (like USDT), you can search for the token (by name) on the dialog and select it since these tokens can also be transferred to your ETH wallet address.

Step 5: Paste your Metamask wallet address and input the amount to send.

Next, paste in the Metamask wallet address you copied earlier and input the amount of ETH to send.

Crosscheck the wallet address you pasted and crosscheck again (and possibly again) before proceeding with the transaction. You can do this by going back to Metamask and looking at the first three and last three characters of the wallet address then comparing it to what you have pasted on Coinbase.

Any crypto you send is non-refundable so if you send your coins to the wrong address, it is gone and there is nothing Coinbase support can do to help you recover it back!!

Step 6: Click on [Continue] to proceed with the transaction.

Once you are sure the address corresponds with what’s on Metamask, click on [Continue] to review the details of the transaction.

Step 7: Click on [Send Now] to transfer the coins to Metamask.

Crosscheck the address again in the review dialog and click on [Send Now] and complete the 2-step verification to transfer the funds from your Coinbase account to Metamask.

Step 8: Go back to Metamask to view your balance.

Once the transaction is completed, go back to Metamask and relaunch the extension (or mobile app) to view your balance. 

Transferring crypto from Coinbase can take anywhere from 10mins to 30mins to show up on Metamask so be patient if your Metamask balance still hasn’t been updated.

With this, you have successfully transferred crypto from Coinbase to your Metamask wallet.

Wrapping Up

Sending crypto from Coinbase to Metamask can be quite challenging for people who are new to crypto and Metamask since the whole “wallet address thing” might seem too technical.

Once you have obtained the correct wallet address from your Metamask wallet, sending from Coinbase to the said wallet becomes quite easy.

Always remember to crosscheck (and re-crosscheck) the wallet address you pasted on Coinbase and make sure it matches the wallet address you see on Metamask.

This is because there are many crypto wallet address swap malware out there that could swap out the wallet address you copied for an attacker’s address without your knowledge if your computer is infected.

As you should know by now, crypto transactions are irreversible (even by Coinbase) so if you send crypto to the wrong wallet address (or an attacker’s address) your crypto is gone!

If you were searching for a tutorial on how to move crypto from your Coinbase account to Metamask, we hope you found this article helpful.

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