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How To Delete Trust Wallet Account (Complete Guide)

Trust Wallet is no doubt the leading mobile crypto wallet out there with millions of users choosing it over other popular mobile crypto wallets like Metamask, Exodus Wallet, Atomic Wallet, and more.

Unlike exchanges which control how you use your wallet and require KYC to access all the features of the platform, non-custodial crypto wallets like Trust Wallet require no KYC and hand over full control of wallets to their users allowing them to do anything they like with their wallet which includes deleting the wallet itself.

Looking to delete your account on Trust Wallet? Well, in this guide, you will learn how to delete a Trust Wallet account easily as well as how to recover it if you need to.

How To Delete Trust Wallet Account Easily (Step By Step Guide)

While it’s technically possible to delete a wallet/account on Trust Wallet, deleting a wallet won’t completely remove your transactions or wallet address from the blockchain since Trust Wallet is simply a non-custodial wallet. 

Deleting a Trust Wallet account will only remove the account from your device and you can recover it later in the future if you wish so far you still have access to the recovery phrase of that wallet.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can delete an account on Trust Wallet.

Step 1: Launch the Trust Wallet app and tap on the Settings icon.

The first step will be to launch the Trust Wallet app on your mobile device. On the Trust Wallet app, tap on the [Settings] icon which is located at the bottom right area of the app’s home screen.

Step 2: Tap on [Wallets].

In the section, tap on [Wallets] to open the wallet selection screen.

Step 3: Click on the three vertical dots icon next to the wallet you want to delete.

On the screen showing all your available wallets on Trust Wallet, tap on the three vertical dots next to the wallet you want to delete.

For this tutorial, I’m trying to delete a wallet named “Multi-Coin Wallet 2”, so I’m tapping on the 3 vertical dots next to “Multi-Coin Wallet 2” as you can see in the screenshot below.

Step 4: Tap on the Delete icon on the top right corner of the screen.

On the page showing details of the selected wallet including the wallet name and recovery phrase, tap on the [Delete] icon on the top right corner of the screen.

If you intend to restore this wallet in the future, please make sure you back up your Trust Wallet recovery phrase safely before deleting the account!!! If you don’t do this, you will lose access to the wallet and all the crypto assets in it permanently.

To get the recovery phrase, click on [Show Recovery Phrase], then enter your Trust Wallet pin (if you have one setup). On the next page, tick [I understand the risks] then click on [Continue]. Finally, tap on [COPY] under the 12-word phrase to copy your recovery phrase.

Step 5: Click on [OK] in the dialog to delete the selected wallet.

Trust Wallet will show you a dialog asking if you’re sure that you want to delete the selected wallet. Tap on [OK] to delete the wallet permanently from your account.

On iOS, swipe left on the wallet you want to delete from the list of wallets, then click on [Delete]. After that, tap on [Delete] on the confirmation dialog to delete the wallet on Trust Wallet for iPhone.

Swipe left then tap on Delete.
Tap on Delete to remove the account.

With this, you have successfully deleted the selected Trust Wallet account/wallet. You can repeat this process for other wallets on Trust Wallet if you also want them removed. 

Remember that deleting a wallet without backing up the secret 12-word recovery phrase means that you have lost access to the said wallet (or wallets) forever! Each wallet/account on Trust Wallet has its unique recovery phrase.

What Happens If You Delete The Trust Wallet App?

Let’s say you deleted the Trust Wallet app on your phone by accident (or on purpose), so what happens now? Well, if you uninstalled the Trust Wallet app on your phone, you might temporarily (or permanently) lose access to your wallet and funds depending on if you still have the recovery phrase or not.

If you have the 12-word recovery phrase backed up somewhere safe, you can download the Trust Wallet app again on the App Store or Play Store and re-enter the recovery phrase to regain access to your wallet.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a backup of the recovery phrase of your wallet, then you have probably lost access to your wallet and the funds permanently unless you find a way to get the phrase back.

Unlike exchanges where you can just try logging in again or resetting your account password via email, non-custodial wallets like Trust Wallet don’t work that way since you didn’t “register” an account with them, you just created a crypto wallet. 

If you lost your recovery phrase, your funds are gone if you have any in the said wallet.

Deleting Trust Wallet Account: FAQs

Is Trust Wallet Safe From Hackers?

Trust Wallet is quite safe from hackers as far as you don’t grant sketchy sites with malicious contracts access to spend funds on your wallet.

While Trust Wallet is quite safe when compared to other crypto wallets and exchanges out there, it is still a hot wallet connected to the internet so it might still have some vulnerabilities which can be exploited by malicious parties on the internet.

Also, make sure your recovery phrase is safely stored somewhere (probably offline) because anyone with your recovery phrase can access your wallet easily and steal your funds.

Can Trust Wallet Be Traced?

All transactions on the blockchain are public and can be viewed by anybody with an internet connection using any of the many blockchain tracking websites out there so your transactions can be traced if someone has your wallet address.

That aside, Trust Wallet doesn’t require any identity verification so you can use it anonymously to send and receive funds since your identity is not tied to your wallet address.

How To Delete Trust Wallet Account On iPhone

Deleting a Trust Wallet account is the same process on both iOS and Android so using the step-by-step guide contained in this article will help you delete your Trust Wallet account on your iPhone easily.


Deleting a Trust Wallet account is an easy process, and we hope this guide helped you with the process.

A deleted wallet (or account) can only be restored if you have the recovery phrase backed up somewhere safe. If you don’t have the recovery phrase, the wallet is gone forever unlike crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase where you can recover your account password via email or by contacting the support team of the exchange.

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