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How To Transfer Crypto From BitMart To Trust Wallet

Bitmart is one of the top names when it comes to crypto exchanges and even though the exchange has just recently suffered a network breach, it is still a top choice for many crypto investors out there.

Trust Wallet on the other hand is a leading non-custodial crypto wallet on Android iOS with over 10 million+ users and counting.

Storing and trading crypto wallets like Trust Wallet, as opposed to centralized exchanges like BitMart, comes with lots of benefits one of which is full control over your coins since Trust Wallet hands over the private key of your wallet to you.

Purchased some crypto like SafeMoon, SHIB, Saitama, and more on BitMart and looking to transfer it to your wallet on Trust Wallet but don’t know how to go about it? 

Well, in this article, you will learn how to transfer crypto from BitMart to Trust Wallet easily.

How To Transfer Crypto From BitMart To Trust Wallet (Full Guide)

To transfer crypto to Trust Wallet from BitMart, you need the wallet address of the crypto you want to receive on Trust Wallet. Once you have the wallet address, you can then send crypto from BitMart to the wallet address.

For this guide, I will be showing you how to transfer SHIBA INU (SHIB) from BitMart to Trust Wallet. This method will work for transferring just about any crypto listed on BitMart to your wallet on Trust Wallet as far as the crypto is supported on Trust Wallet.

To transfer crypto from BitMart to Trust Wallet, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Trust Wallet app and select the crypto to be received.

Launch the Trust Wallet app on your mobile device and select the crypto you want to transfer from the list of available balances by tapping on it.

If you don’t see the token/coin you want to transfer on the list of available balances, it is because you need to add the token to Trust Wallet.

To add the token to your wallet, click on the Filter icon located at the top right corner of the screen.

Next, search the token you want to add and tap on the toggle button to add the token to the list of available balances on your wallet. 

Once you enable the token, you should find it on the Trust Wallet home screen. If you now see the token, tap on it and move to the next step.

Step 2: On the asset page, tap on [Recieve] to view your wallet address.

On the asset page, tap on [Recieve] to view details about the wallet including the wallet address which we will be needing in the coming steps.

Step 3: Tap on [Copy] to copy the address.

Now, you show to see a QR code and your wallet address. Tap on [Copy] to copy the wallet address to the clipboard.

Step 4: Open the BitMart website or your browser and log in.

Next, go to your browser and open the BitMart official website. If you have the BitMart mobile app, you can also use it since the interface on the website is quite similar to the mobile app.

Step 5: Hover the pointer on your email address and select [Withdraw].

Next, hover your mouse over your email address on the BitMart website and select [Withdraw] on the popup menu.

If you’re on the Bitmart mobile app, select [Assets] in the bottom navigation bar.

Step 6: Search the token you want to transfer.

On the “Assets” page, search for the token/coin you want to withdraw to Trust Wallet. Since I will be withdrawing SHIBA INU from my BitMart account to Trust Wallet, I’m searching for “SHIB”.

In most cases, BitMart will show all the assets you have purchased on the top of the list so you might not need to search.

Step 7: Click on [Withdraw] next to the selected token/coin.

Next, click on [Withdraw] next to the token you want to transfer.

Step 8: Paste the wallet address and enter the amount to be sent.

Now, paste the wallet address you copied earlier from Trust Wallet and input the number of tokens/coins to be sent. 

You can click on “Max” to send all available tokens/coins of the crypto available on your BitMart account.

NOTE: Always cross-check the wallet address at least twice before sending crypto just in case your computer is infected with wallet hijacking malware. Crypto transactions are irreversible and if you transfer crypto to the wrong address, your crypto will be permanently lost! 

Step 9: Click on [Withdraw] and complete the verification.

Finally, click on [Withdraw] to proceed with the transaction.

BitMart will ask to you input codes sent to both your phone number and email address. Once you input those codes, your transaction will be approved.

Now you have to wait for the crypto to show up on your Trust Wallet app. In some cases, it might take some time so be patient.

With that, you have successfully withdrawn crypto from BitMart to Trust Wallet.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer From BitMart To Trust Wallet?

The transaction speed when transferring crypto from BitMart to Trust Wallet depends on the blockchain the token you transferred is deployed on and the current network conditions of the selected blockchain.

Tokens deployed on the Binance Smart Chain like SafeMoon will generally have faster speeds (and lower gas fees) while tokens deployed on the Ethereum blockchain like SHIB, Saitama, and others will have slower transaction speeds.

Generally, it can take anywhere from 20min to 1 hour for crypto transferred from BitMart to appear on Trust Wallet.

If your crypto doesn’t arrive within an hour, there is probably something wrong so try contacting the BitMart support team

Can I Withdraw Safemoon From BitMart To Trust Wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw Safemoon from BitMart to Trust Wallet. 

To get your safemoon out of BitMart, copy your SafeMoon wallet address from Trust Wallet, then open the BItMart website or mobile app.

Next, click on “Assets” and select SafeMoon. Tap on [Withdraw] and paste the wallet address you copied from Trust Wallet and input the amount of SafeMoon you want to withdraw.

Finally, tap [Withdraw] and complete the 2-step verification via email and SMS. 

It could take anywhere from 10 mins to 30 mins for the SafeMoon you transferred to show up on Trust Wallet.

Is BitMart A Legit Exchange?

Yes, BitMart is indeed a legit exchange and one of the top exchanges on the market.

Unfortunately, the exchange has been a victim to hackers recently resulting in a loss of tokens worth over $200 million.

If you’re looking to start trading on an exchange for the first time, we do not recommend you create an account with BitMart. You’re better off with top exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

Already have an account with BitMart? Then you can always transfer your crypto to other exchanges or crypto wallets using the guide provided in this article.

Wrapping Up

Well, that will be it for now.

To transfer crypto from BitMart to Trust Wallet, you need to copy the wallet address you want to transfer on Trust Wallet. After you have your Trust Wallet address, you can hop on the BitMart website or mobile app and transfer the crypto to the wallet address you copied.

If you were searching for a way to transfer your crypto investments or profit from BitMart to a decentralized wallet like Trust Wallet, we hope this guide was all you needed!

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