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How To Fix “No Provider Was Found” Error On Pancakeswap

Many claim decentralized exchanges are the future of exchanging crypto-assets since they were developed to solve the (centralized) middleman problem and security vulnerabilities faced by many centralized exchanges out there.

Decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap (for the Binance Smart Chain blockchain) are far from perfect as many new users have reportedly been facing a lot of errors when trying to swap one coin for another or even when trying to connect their wallets to the exchange.

One of such errors on PancakeSwap is the “No Provider Error Was Found” error which occurs when trying to connect your wallet (e.g. Trust Wallet) with PancakeSwap.

If you are currently experiencing this issue when trying to use PancakeSwap on your device, the good news is that there is a solution to this problem and in this article, you will learn what the “no provider was found” error on PancakeSwap means and how to fix it easily.

What Does “No Provider Was Found” Error on PancakeSwap Mean?

The “No Provider Was Found” error on PancakeSwap simply means there was a problem when it attempted to connect to your crypto wallet.

If you’re seeing this error, then you’re probably accessing the PancakeSwap exchange website on a normal browser and while you can use the website normally on just about any browser, not all browsers (especially mobile browsers) allow a seamless connection between decentralized applications like PancakeSwap and crypto-wallets.

Only special DApps browsers which can be found on mobile crypto wallets like Trust Wallet and Metamask allow a seamless (and direct) connection between your crypto wallet and decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap.

How To Fix “No Provider Was Found” Error On Pancakeswap (Full Guide)

While this error might seem impossible to fix at first especially for new users, there is an easy fix to this problem and that is by connecting PancakeSwap with Trust Wallet via an application known as WalletConnect.

Normally, you should be able to access PancakeSwap and other decentralized applications directly on the Trust Wallet app on your iPhone but that feature was removed in the last update uploaded to the app store due to compliance with Apple’s developer guidelines. 

Most Android users won’t face this issue when using PancakeSwap since the DApps browser feature is still present on the Trust Wallet Android client.

Due to the new iOS update, most Trust Wallet iOS users have turned to other mobile browsers to access their favorite decentralized applications like PancakeSwap in this case but that comes with its issues since other mobile browsers are not optimized (yet) for decentralized apps.

If you attempt connecting PancakeSwap to Trust Wallet directly on any mobile browser on your device, you will be hit with the “no provider was found” error and to fix this, you need to route the connection via WalletConnect.

The step-by-step guide below on how to fix the “no provider was found” error is mostly for iOS users since the DApps browser feature has been removed on the Trust Wallet iOS app. 

If you’re a Trust Wallet user on Android, we recommend that you enable the DApps browser on the Trust Wallet app and try connecting PancakeSwap with your wallet directly on the DApps browser itself. 

There is no need to use WalletConnect when you have access to the Trust Wallet DApps browser, but in very rare cases where you might still get the error while using PancakeSwap on the DApps browser, try using the WalletConnect method instead.

To fix the “no provider was found” error using WalletConnect, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Access the PancakeSwap website on your browser

If you have not loaded the pancakeswap exchange website on your browser, go ahead and type in “” in the address bar of your browser and hit [Go].

Step 2: Click on [Connect]

On the top right corner of the PancakeSwap exchange page, click on the [Connect] button.

Step 3: Select [WalletConnect] from the list of available options

A dialog showing you a list of wallets supported on PancakeSwap will pop up. Select the [WalletConnect] option.

Step 4: Choose your wallet

You will also see another dialog showing a list of crypto wallets that supports WalletConnect. Tap on the crypto wallet you want to connect with PancakeSwap. 

For this guide, we will be using Trust Wallet, so select [Trust] if you use Trust Wallet too.

Step 5: Authorize the connection

After clicking on [Trust] (or your preferred wallet) in the previous step, you will be shown a dialog, click on [Open] to launch Trust Wallet.

Finally, tap on [Connect] to authorize the connection between your wallet and PancakeSwap via WalletConnect.

With this, the “no provider was found” error should be fixed successfully and you can now use PancakeSwap like you normally would. 

If you can see your wallet address in the top right corner of the screen on the PancakeSwap exchange page, then the connection with your wallet via WalletConnect was successful.


Does trust://browser_enable still work for fixing this error on Trust Wallet?

The simple answer to this question is No, it does not work any longer since the option to enable the Trust Wallet DApps browser using “trust://browser_enable” has been removed on iOS.

Also, “trust://browser_enable” is not available on Android.

How to add provider to PancakeSwap?

To add a provider on PancakeSwap, you need to connect the PancakeSwap exchange to your crypto wallet (eg Trust Wallet via WalletConnect. The term “provider” simply means “wallet”.

How to fix provider error: no provider was found on Metamask?

To fix this error on Metamask, you need to connect the PancakeSwap exchange to your Metamask wallet using WalletConnect as a bridge. The steps are the same as you would when using Trust Wallet, just select [Metamask] as your wallet instead of [Trust].

Wrapping up

In many cases, especially on mobile browsers, connecting PancakeSwap with your crypto wallet will result in the “no provider was found” error which can be very annoying especially for PancakeSwap newbies.

Routing the connection between PancakeSwap and your wallet through WalletConnect solves this problem 99% of the time without any additional account setup, verification process, or app download.

Hopefully, this guide helped you solve the “no provider was found” error on PancakeSwap and you should be able to swap tokens normally after the error is gone.

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